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I've been having problems with my two amps cutting out (turning off/going into protection mode I guess). Started last summer and now happens more often. Used to only happen when I had the stereo turned up loud and now it happens at normal listening levels.The two amps are Hifonics Zeus 4 channel. If your speakers are 6 or 4 ohms your receiver is going to shut down at high volumes to protect itself. Even if your speakers are 8 ohms they may dip at certain frequencies which may also shut your receiver down if played at a high volume for long enough. Sometimes it will only take one or two speakers that are not rated at 8 ohms to shut down.

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Here are 7 main reasons why your amp may be cutting out: Loose cable connection. Make sure you connect your cables firmly. In most amps and guitars, you should hear a popping sound when the cable connects firmly into the audio sockets. Loose cable is the most common reason for amp cutting out. Faulty cable. 1) unplugged all speakers and sub. 2) set all eq, bass boost, gain etc to 0. 3) set LP filter to 80. 4) played an 50 HZ track on repeat. 5) connected DMM to sub +/- terminal on amp. 5) turned gain up to meet voltage requirement (31.6) 6) had to turn gain almost to max... Every time the sub hits hard at around 3/4 the volume the amp turns the.

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Suddenly, while playing at bedroom volume level, the volume dropped about 50%, and the amp now sounds weak and bad. So I opened it up, and looked at the tubes while turning up the volume. All four of them look OK, orange (not red), like they should, right? Then I tried tapping each tube with my fingernail.

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The basic non-top-boost AC30, played through one of its non-vib/trem channels, is as simple a guitar amplifier as you can imagine. There is a gain stage (just the one), a volume control, and a power amp with a tone cut control. That's it. The absence of a tone stack, indeed of any tone controls at all in the preamp, means that the AC30 preamp.

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Lol Thanks in advance. PaulD. 06-26-2010, 12:12 PM. Amps go into protect mode because 1) short in ther speaker wires 2) DC offset in the output 3) overheating. I can assume it's not overheating since it does immediately. Try taking just the box and connecting that to a friends system and let it rip for a while.

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If your receiver shares a My Denon AVR 15-13 5. Operating range of the remote control unit. Sep 14, 2019 · Turning TV on with Fios remote changes receiver input. Turn the receiver on, and turn the volume control up to about half.

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A cut control simply cuts highs after the PI by mixing them out-of-phase through a capacitor. The higher the cap value, the lower you shift the corner frequency of this simple filter, and the more apparent high-cut you have when the control is turned down. It is NOT a presence control, or even anything like it.

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Basically, volume is how loud something is after it's been processed. So really, volume = loudness. It's the loudness you hear. If you're mixing, the volume is whatever level is sent from your channel to your stereo output (or whatever bus you're sending to). If you're using a guitar amp, the volume is how loud you set the amp.

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Many car amplifiers are incorrectly diagnosed and sent in for repair/returned because of incorrect hookup. Sometimes the amp itself really is at fault. Here are a few common problems and what can be done to troubleshoot, as well as fix them (my fixes are the most common. They are not definitive in any way. Your amplifier could have a completley different.

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An amp can shut down when it detects clipping distortion caused by its reaching it's power output limit. This can damage tweeters so a protection circuit can be designed to operate quickly. It can.

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The power never actually turned off the sound just cut out. So I dialed the volume back to noon and it was better except for when I kicked on my swollen pickle pedal. That would immediately make the sound cut out again. I know that pedal is a big booming sounding fuzz but not sure why it would make the amp cut out.

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